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Bocca di Bacco

L’ambasciata del buon gusto

Due to the current situation, the restaurant will remain closed
for the time being until further notice. Stay in good health!

The Restaurant

Housed in one of the finest downtown-buildings in the Friedrichstraße, our restaurant features a vibrant combination of late nineteenth century elegance and design-oriented Italian architectural sensibilities. Classic Italian cuisine, cordial hospitality and exquisite wines set the scene for a unique experience on both a culinary- and a business level.

Book your table

Online requests for reservations can only be processed within one day in advance. If you want to make a reservation for today, please contact us by telephone on (+49 30) 20 67 28 28.
Reservations will be confirmed by Bocca di Bacco, either via e-mail or by telephone. It is therefore necessary to provide us with your full name, your e-mail address and a mobile-telephone number.